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A world first in the automotive industry allowing fractional Exotic Vehicle Ownership using Blockchain Technology, Users can choose to trade or hold for up to 5 years. Learn More

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A new Lucky Winner is chosen each week to WIN The Car of their choice by entering to play the spot the ball competition. Famously known as the airport car competition. Play Now

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Video Review

Access Our complete Video Playlist, View videos on this page View Playlist

Video Review

BOTB TV: Auto Vivendi Supercars and Archie Hamilton's M2 . Watch Video

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Our Top Level Membership offers the most in terms of high value and high quality products, offers and services with exclusive member benefits, discounts and rewards systems.

Bitcar Super Car Club

The world's first Super Car Club where traders can participate in P2P fractionalized exotic super car and hyper car ownership with cryptocurrency using Bitcar utility tokens.



BOTB Supercharged Club

Members have the opportunity to increase their chances of winning by entering the weekly Dream Car Competition with multiple options member rewards and qualifications available.

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